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To all our friends of R&B Cellars:

As you probably are aware, the Governor of California called for the closure of all bars, nightclubs, wineries and breweries. It is with a heavy heart that we closed the tasting room doors at Riggers Loft for a few weeks until the Covid19 crisis has passed. This will be quite a hardship for us, as well as for our tasting room staff members. (And there are so many like us who will be similarly negatively affected.) However, you can help!! 

If you are hunkering down and would love some of your favorite wines to enjoy during this time, we have put together the following course of action, which will not only allow us to continue paying our tasting room staff, but will help the winery weather through this storm… and will get you some delicious wine to enjoy while you’re stuck at home.


Riggers Loft Wine Company will have limited hours whereby the winery will be available for all R&B Cellars wine club pickups and any wine purchases. No wine tasting will be conducted. We will be practicing “social distancing” and will only allow one group at a time into the tasting room (groups larger than three or four are discouraged). There will be a waiting area available in case there is a customer in the tasting room when you arrive. There will be wash stations when you enter. Everyone must make use of them when they enter. 

Store Hours

Thursdays and Fridays from 3-5pm
Saturdays from 5-7pm
Please understand: THESE DETAILS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! We are all in new territory so we will be adapting on the fly. Best to call before coming: 508-692-8414

Delivery Service

As of this week, we will be offering local delivery service on all orders of 6 or more bottles of wine or cider. There will be no charge for this service. We will be putting together certain delivery days so that the deliveries can be clustered. 

Shipping Incentives

We will be working with UPS as our primary shipper. We are temporarily lowering our shipping charges. And, if you purchase 5 or more bottles of wine you will get your shipping costs included with your purchase. 

R&B Wine Club Perks

Wine club members...sadly, we cannot offer you your free glass of wine when you come to purchase wine. However, with the purchase of 5 R&B Cellars bottles or more, you will receive a free bottle of either The Improviser, Swingsville Zin or Sauvignon Blanc. And this is in addition to your normal 20% discount. So, in a sense, you’ll still get your free club wine!

Please Note: During all of these processes our staff will be following our strict sanitation protocol and will be wearing gloves while handling wine bottles and packing materials. 

There are several ways to order your favorite R&B or Carica wines or your favorite Far West ciders during this crisis:
Call or text Barbara at: 508-692-8414 
Website: /wines (This is for R&B Cellars wines only. If you wish to order Carica’s wines or Far West ciders to be shipped, please call, text or email.)

Obviously, the safety of our staff, our families, our customers (and ourselves) is of the utmost concern during these unprecedented times. We are particularly concerned about keeping our wonderful tasting room staff employed during the crisis. With that in mind, our staff is eager to put together the “wine store” and the delivery service. We hope you can help us by purchasing wine (or gift certificates!!) and if you will, pass this along to your friends and encourage them to purchase wine. After all, if you have to hunker down, it should be with some good wine!

It is times like this that remind us how lucky we are. We are so thankful for the community that has been created by R&B Cellars and our tasting room at Riggers Loft and for all the friendships that we have forged. 

With judicious use of precaution, compassion and integrity we will all get through this as best we can.

Stay well. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Buy wine!


Barbara and Kevin
Riggers Loft Wine Company / R&B Cellars