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An Urban Winery by the Bay:

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Riggers Loft Wine Company

A "front row" view of the San Francisco Bay!

Sadly, our tasting room continues to be closed during this pandemic. We miss you all terribly and cannot wait till we can safely reopen our doors to our tasting room.

In the meantime, we have opened Riggers Loft in a "store" capacity three days a week. When you come through the front door, please stop and use our hand washing station and wash your hands thoroughly. Please wear a mask. We will do the same.

STORE HOURS                                          LOCAL DELIVERY                                                 FREE SHIPPING IN CA!
Thursday & Friday: 3-5pm                           Do you live within 40 minutes drive                        Buy 6 or more bottles of wine
Saturday: 5-7pm                                          of the winery. We are offering free delivery            and we'll ship your wine for
                                                                     for a purchase of 6 or more bottles                        free.
                                                                     of wine.

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