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how we do it

Some brands have high quality wine. Others have accessible pricing. And some bring passion to their craft.
For R&B Cellars, that is just the beginning.

R&B Cellars is the only wine that's paired with music, from the way it's made to the way it's consumed. For Kevin and Barbara, wine-making is a passion, just like the jazz they perform. With a strong belief to create the best possible wine at all price points, head winemaker, Kevin creates his protocols for each wine - his recipes, if you will - and constantly re-evaluates them as dictated by the wine. Just like music, each wine, each new vintage requires its own interpretation, and Kevin matches that need with an individual oak program, yeast application, and overall protocol. And it's just possible their wine benefits from the music that wafts throughout the winery!

With many varietals to choose from, including R&B's delicious and incredibly popular red blend The Improviser, it begs to ask the question: If the $21 Improviser tastes so good, what must the $30 wine taste like? And what about that $55 Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon!? Try them and find out!

r&b cellars' export business

With a case production of 25,000 cases of wine a year, R&B has gone global! In addition to an expanding domestic market, R&B exports extensively to China.