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For a brief period it felt like we were getting closer to the home stretch in terms of Covid. More and more people were getting vaccinated and the feeling was liberating! However, with the Delta variant we find ourselves taking an alarming step backwards. We have thought long and hard about our approach to this in terms of our continuing COVID protocol and our duty to care as regards our staff and customers. There is constantly new information about the Delta variant and how it affects both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The most recent has propelled us to revise our protocol. We want to continue to provide a safe place for everyone at Riggers Loft, and also to do our part in mitigating the spread of COVID.

PROOF OF VACCINATION: Beginning Thursday, August 12th, we will require all customers to present their proof of vaccination upon entering. You may present your vaccination card, or a photo of your card on your phone, as well as a valid ID. While there is no federal mandate regarding this, many bars and restaurants in the Bay Area are doing just that….requiring proof of vaccination upon entering. If you have a health reason that prevents you from getting vaccinated, you must show a negative COVID test that has been administered within 72 hours of visiting Riggers Loft. And, you must also wear your mask at all times.

MASKING UP - PER THE CONTRA COSTA HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Everyone must wear a mask inside the winery. This latest county mandate applies to vaccinated people as well as the unvaccinated. You may only take off your mask inside when you are actively eating or drinking at your own table. For now, masks are not required outside on the patio.

Be safe, everyone!