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Welcome Back to Riggers Loft!!

We want you enjoy the same wonderful Riggers Loft experience that you have come to know and expect…, and you will! But our primary concern is to keep everyone safe. Naturally, things are a little different, but with your help and your cooperation with our COVID-19 protocol, we will create and maintain a “safe zone” at Riggers Loft. 

Our large patio and spacious interior make it easy to keep customers socially distant, safe, and very comfortable. Here’s what you can expect when you return to Riggers Loft.

Upon arriving…

  • You must have your masks on until you are seated.
  • Once through the red door, wash your hands at the wash station just inside the door. (Feel free to sing out loud or silently your favorite 20 second ditty!)
  • Our “greeter” takes your temperature and asks you the basic health questions: Do you have a fever? Have you been in contact with anyone with COVID-19?
  • You are required to provide your name and contact information. The information is needed in the event that contact tracing becomes necessary. Your info will not be used in any other way. 
  • The greeter will show you to a hi-top table, cleaned with a CDC approved antiviral agent called Vital Oxide. (All surfaces within the winery and the tasting room are routinely cleaned with Vital Oxide.)
  • Once seated, feel free to take off your masks. YOU MUST ALWAYS WEAR YOUR MASK WHEN MOVING ABOUT THE WINERY. 
  • There are touchless hand sanitizers strategically placed throughout the winery. Please make liberal use of them.
  • Dogs are still welcome. They must be on a leash and be at your side. 
  • Children are welcome. They cannot walk freely about the winery and must stay with you at your table. They must also wear a mask. Please bring some games for their entertainment. (There are non-alcohol beverages for sale.)
  • Our games have been put away. Bocci ball will still be available for restricted use – ask the staff.

Reservations Recommended:

We have no way of knowing how many people will be returning to Riggers Loft. A lot depends on their personal comfort level of being out in public spaces. As a result, reservations are recommended but not required.

For Reservations call: 508-692-8414


Our hi-top tables have been spaced throughout the winery at a minimum of 10’ apart. Tables cannot be moved. Two tables may not be moved together. Sofa and comfy chair seatings have been placed in smaller groupings for family use and are available by reservation.

Parties of 2-4 people:

Our tables are for parties of 2-4 people in the same family or pod. If your party is larger than 4 people, you must make a reservation so that we can reserve one of the larger tables for you.

Food & Drink:

Introducing Carrie Dove Catering! 

We are super excited about our new partnership with Carrie Dove. Their food is excellent. They have prepared a wonderful menu that will include both small and larger plates, in addition to bar snacks. 

Bear with us while we get used to the evolving new normal…

Please understand that our service needs to be quite different from before shelter-in-place. Our Duty of Care to you has been carefully thought out to determine procedures that keep you and the staff safe.

  • For now, we feel it is best and safest to have bar service only – no table service. 
  • Menus are online. Using your phone, scan the QR code and you’ll have the entire Riggers Loft menu, including food items. (Disposable paper menus are available as needed and will not be reused. If you can, please use your phones to minimize waste.)
  • All staff members will wear masks and gloves.
  • If there is another guest at the bar, please remain 6’ back until the staff can serve you. The floor has been marked to make it easy.
  • Plexiglass panels have been installed at the wine bar for your protection.
  • Food and wine/cider ordering is done simultaneously at the bar. The CDC guidelines for reopening requires food and alcohol the be purchased on the same ticket.
  • Your food is brought to you by a Carrie Dove server, wearing both gloves and a mask.

Welcome back to Riggers Loft!!