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nourredine azouaou

northern ca regional sales

Nourredine is a long-time friend of Kevin and Barbara. He has been involved with the winery since its creation in 1997. Nourredine is on the board of directors, assists with tasting events and wine distribution and sales in California, specifically in the greater San Francisco Bay area. Nourredine moved to California in 1984 and worked at Providence Veterinary Medical Facilities in Alameda, where he met Kent Rosenblum, before becoming a laboratory animal veterinarian at UCSF. His passion for wine and his experience in the wine industry started when he was a teenager harvesting grapes in France where he learned wine growing regions and their terroirs. His friendship with Kent Rosenblum led to working at Rosenblum Cellars in 1985. He worked part-time in many capacities including being a member of the advisory board, assisted in wine production, events and hospitality management and was the tasting room manager in 1993 before leaving in 2008. His unique association with the winery allowed him to become familiar with the California wine industry and essentially befriend winery owners, winemakers, vineyard owners and growers as well as wine organizations, distributors, restaurants and hotel managers among others. He has a sound knowledge of the California wine industry and history.

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